You need to know the maintenance skills for reverse osmosis purified water equipment!

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1. Strictly control the water quality of the incoming water in an environment that meets the requirements of the incoming water indicators to ensure that the equipment enters the water. The inlet water quality does not meet the regulations, which can easily cause pollution and blockage of the reverse osmosis membrane, causing rapid failure of consumables and seriously affecting the outlet water quality.

2. The RO inlet regulating valve regulates the total inflow of reverse osmosis. If there is no change in the inflow of reverse osmosis, the RO inlet regulating valve cannot be adjusted and cannot be fully opened or closed. Use the RO drainage regulating valve to adjust the recovery rate of the system. If the recovery rate does not change, the concentrated discharge regulating valve cannot be moved randomly, and it is absolutely prohibited to fully open or close.

3. The device cannot be stopped for a long time and should run for at least 2 hours per day. If the closing time exceeds 72 hours, a chemical cleaning device shall be used to fill 1% Sodium bisulfate and 18% glycerol into the parts for protection.

4. In an environment with a low inlet pressure of 0.4Mpa, the reverse osmosis equipment should be started for 10 minutes after each shutdown for cleaning.

5. Under the premise of meeting the production capacity and water quality, the operating pressure control should adopt the lowest possible pressure value, which helps to reduce the water flux attenuation of the membrane and reduce the replacement rate of the membrane.