Guangzhou Chunke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has won 8 utility model patents?

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Guangzhou Chunke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., after careful polishing by the R&D team, won 8 utility model patents again, including water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, EDI Ultrapure water equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, seawater desalination equipment, brackish water desalination equipment, pre-treatment equipment, soft water equipment, etc! Promote the spirit of craftsmanship and create high-quality projects in the water treatment industry!


The above 8 patents are the fruits of Guangzhou Chunke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.'s years of hard work in the industry, which also laid a solid foundation for our company's future stable development. It is a favorable proof that our company has obtained national, social, and market recognition!

Guangzhou Chunke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmental protection technology oriented enterprise that integrates water treatment equipment and accessories. It is a professional water treatment equipment manufacturer dedicated to the research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service of the environmentally friendly water purification industry. We have multiple senior engineering and full-time technical research and development personnel, with strong strength and unique experience in multiple core technology design and selection, technical support, and other aspects.

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