What are the equipment available for water treatment? Do you know?

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Water treatment technology has been widely applied in our daily lives, but in reality, it is difficult for us to see what the actual water treatment equipment looks like in our daily lives. Many people are not sure what water treatment equipment looks like or what categories they have. So today, let's take everyone together and take a look at the classification of sewage treatment equipment!


2、 Industrial water treatment equipment

The principles of industrial water treatment equipment and household water treatment equipment are roughly the same. The difference is that industrial water treatment equipment not only has front-end treatment systems and reverse osmosis systems, but also has disinfection and sterilization effects and the function of removing ions. In addition, the pharmaceutical system also has dedicated equipment systems. It is used to prepare distilled water. The distilled water produced from it is generally used for cleaning drugs, liquid additives and various sensitive Optical instrument.


3、 Sewage treatment equipment

Sewage treatment equipment is mainly used to treat domestic wastewater and industrial organic wastewater, such as organic wastewater from industries such as beer, leather, textile, papermaking, and food. The sewage treatment equipment is mainly able to treat these sewage, improve the utilization rate of water sources, and achieve sustainable results.


5、 Other water treatment equipment

In addition to the water treatment equipment mentioned above, there are also some water treatment equipment such as well water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, and car wash water treatment. The procedures of these water treatment equipment are roughly the same, but the processes are slightly different.

Have you increased your understanding of water treatment equipment after our introduction? If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a message in the comments section or send us a private message directly. Thank you for reading.