How to clean the reverse osmosis membrane?

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What are the methods for cleaning reverse osmosis membranes

1. Rinsing method:

Before soaking, it is necessary to rinse the reverse osmosis membrane. Due to the different pressure resistance of the RO membrane in the positive and negative directions, reverse flushing is usually performed.


2. Chemical cleaning:

Add chemical agents and soak them to dissolve and oxidize scale through chemical reactions with pollutants, ultimately achieving the goal of scale removal.

Place the agent at the water inlet and return the concentrated solution and ultrafiltration solution to the cleaning solution container. After this circulation, discharge it again, and finally rinse it with clean water.

3. Pressure flushing method:

Before cleaning, close the outlet valve of the reverse osmosis membrane equipment first, and then open the wastewater discharge valve to increase the water flow rate on the membrane surface, which can also remove the scale substances deposited on the membrane.