Do you know anything about water treatment equipment?

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Water is an indispensable natural resource for human development and the material foundation on which humans and all living organisms rely for survival. In today's world, the water crisis caused by insufficient water resources and pollution has become a complex problem faced by any country in terms of policy, economy, and technology, as well as a major constraint on socio-economic development.

In the increasingly scarce situation of water resources, the reality of water pollution has added to people's concerns. In many regions of China, many water bodies have been severely polluted due to various complex factors, which has exacerbated the contradiction of water resource scarcity.

The development and utilization of water resources in today's human society can be divided into two categories:

One type involves taking the required amount of water from water resources to meet the needs of people's daily life and industrial and agricultural production, resulting in consumption of quantity and changes in quality, and returning to the water source at another location.

The other is to take water energy (hydropower), develop water transport, aquatic products and aquatic recreation, maintain Balance of nature, etc. This kind of utilization does not need to divert water from water sources, but requires rivers, lakes and estuaries to maintain a certain level, flow and water quality. The important ways to solve the shortage of water resources are:

1) Reduce industrial water consumption and improve water reuse efficiency

2) Implement scientific irrigation to reduce waste of Farm water

3) Recycling urban sewage and opening up a second water source

To solve the water problems closely related to human social life in reality, it is necessary to use modern water treatment technology and equipment.


Equipment Introduction

Water treatment equipment "refers to equipment that filters and purifies water by removing harmful substances that are not needed for production or daily life through various physical and chemical means. Due to the close relationship between social production, daily life, and water, the application range in the field of water treatment is very wide, forming a huge industrial application.

1) 降低工业用水量,提高水的重复利用率

2) 实行科学灌溉,减少农业用水浪费

3) 回收利用城市污水、开辟第二水源



Equipment Introduction:

Water treatment equipment "refers to equipment that filters and purifies water by removing harmful substances that are not needed for production or daily life through various physical and chemical means. Due to the close relationship between social production, daily life, and water, the application range in the field of water treatment is very wide, forming a huge industrial application.

Operational principle:

The RO reverse osmosis pretreatment process mainly consists of activated carbon and fine filtration. Permeation is a natural phenomenon: water passes through the Semipermeable membrane, from the low solute concentration side to the high solute concentration side, until the chemical potential of the solvent reaches equilibrium. In equilibrium, the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane is equal to the Osmotic pressure. This is the Osmosis phenomenon. Reverse osmosis means that if the pressure is applied at the high concentration side, the above mentioned osmotic effect can be stopped and reversed, so that the water is forced from the high concentration side to the low concentration side, and Water purification is purified. This phenomenon is called reverse osmosis (Reverse osmosis), and this Semipermeable membrane is called Reverse osmosis membrane.

Equipment characteristics:

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment can filter out bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, organic matter, minerals, and odors in water. It is a pure water that can be consumed without heating. The cost of the water filtered out is very low. The pure water produced has high quality and ideal hygiene indicators.

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment uses advanced reverse osmosis desalination technology to prepare deionized water, which is a pure physical process preparation technology. The reverse osmosis pure water unit has the advantages of long-term uninterrupted operation, high automation, convenient operation, long-term stable effluent quality, no pollutant discharge, and low cost of producing pure water. Reverse osmosis membrane technology has been widely used in fields such as medicine, biology, electronics, chemical industry, power plants, and sewage treatment in China.

Equipment classification:

Water treatment equipment can be divided into sewage treatment equipment, raw water treatment equipment, water purification equipment, filtration equipment and Ultrapure water equipment.

Such water treatment equipment as: full-automatic dosing equipment, full-automatic water softener, mechanical filter, reverse osmosis equipment, pure water equipment, Ultrapure water equipment, hollow fiber ultrafiltration device, ion exchange, mixed bed, polishing mixed bed, EDI electric demineralization system device, factory and enterprise drinking water equipment, bag filter, ozone sterilization device, full effect integrated water processor, physicochemical treatment unit, physicochemical integrated water processor Permanent magnet processor, cyclone desander, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter, water tank self-cleaning disinfector, ultraviolet water processor, high-efficiency decontamination filter, hand brush filter, self-cleaning brush filter, radio frequency water filter, side flow processor, multi-functional electronic descaler, constant pressure makeup water unit, constant pressure makeup water dosing unit, non negative pressure variable frequency water supply device, analytical deaerator Vacuum degassing deaerator, low level thermal deaerator, closed condensate recovery device, copper silver ion sterilizer, iron and manganese removal filtering equipment, yellow rust water filter, fiber bundle filter, high-efficiency fiber ball filter, Ceramic membrane filter, high-efficiency chemical oil remover, swimming pool circulating water treatment complete equipment, reverse osmosis pure water equipment, landscape water integrated water purification unit, reclaimed water treatment complete equipment, industrial water treatment equipment Complete sets of sewage treatment equipment are widely used in various industries in China. Domestic water treatment equipment mainly includes three types: water softener, water purifier and Water filter. For example, water softeners, water purifiers, Water filter, precision filters and faucets, as well as road design, equipment installation and after-sales services, even a complete set of water treatment equipment and services for consumers.


Water treatment equipment:

High frequency electronic water treatment instrument, also known as descaling and anti scaling instrument, is an upgraded and updated product developed on the basis of similar products in China, drawing on the strengths of others and continuously improving. This device does not require the addition of any chemical drugs and is very simple to install and use. It can be widely used in boilers, central air conditioning, heat exchange equipment, circulating water systems, industrial general water treatment equipment, etc. It has obvious preventive and removal effects on physical, biological, and chemical scale.

Main features:

1. Do not change the chemical properties of water and have no side effects on the human body.

2. Significant descaling effect. The equipment is installed in the water circulation system. Generally, the original scale with a thickness of less than 2mm can gradually loosen and fall off in about 30 days. The treated scale is granular and can be discharged with the sewage pipeline without blocking the Plumbing. After the old scale falls off, no new scale will be generated within a certain range.

3. The device has a small size, simple and convenient installation, and can be used unattended for a long time.

4. After the water flows through the equipment, it can turn the water into Magnetic water treatment, and has a certain inhibition and killing effect on the bacteria in the water.

5. Non corrosive equipment, which can extend the service life of servo equipment.

Working principle:

When water flows through high-pressure and high-frequency electromagnetic fields, the calcium, magnesium ions, and various bicarbonate ions in the bicarbonate in the water will lose their chemical, physical, and mutual attraction abilities under the action of high-pressure and high-frequency electromagnetic fields. Gradually, crystal clusters will form and sink to the bottom, which will be discharged with sewage, thus achieving the goal of scale prevention.

Water treatment equipment is applied after the reverse osmosis system. It uses electrodes at both ends of the module to move charged ions in the water, and cooperates with ion exchange resins and selective resin membranes to accelerate the removal of ion movement, thereby achieving water purification. The water production resistivity can reach 15-18M. The hydrogen and hydrogen oxygen required for the regeneration of ion exchange resins come from the dissociation of water under high voltage, so there is no need for acid or alkali for regeneration and reduction.

Technical parameters:

1.Input power voltage: 220V/380v 50-60Hz

2 Output frequency: 900KHZ-5.5MHZ

3. Output waveform: sine wave harmonic<15%

4. Working pressure of auxiliary equipment: 0.1-1.6MPa

5. Inlet water temperature: 10-95 ℃

6. Inflow hardness:<900mg/L折叠